Eagle Nature Trail Declared Annual Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Winner by SEWISC!!



Annual Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon event declares winner


The Eagle Nature Trail team pulled themselves to the top of the 2019 Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon, sponsored annually by SEWISC! Yanking 1350 pounds of garlic mustard and dame’s rocket and gaining $3000 in pledges for their efforts, earned this local team the annual traveling trophy.


The traveling trophy will be transferred from 2018 Champions the River Revitalization Foundation team leader Joanna Demas to the Eagle Nature Trail team and leader Jean Weedman at the Eagle Nature Trail in the Village of Eagle on July 26 at 10:30 a.m. SEWISC President John Lunz will officiate.


“The Eagle Nature Trail Team also recorded the highest number of volunteers—119– while pulling the target plants in their 8 acre management area, explained Jill Hapner, executive director of SEWISC (Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium). 


“Eagle Nature Trail has surpassed all teams in donations for the past 6 competitions; the small team has raised a total of $8,482.00, or an average of $1,413.67 annually.  They are also creative in engaging their community– the local police and fire departments had a pulling competition during one of their work days!” continued Hapner.


Weedman explained, “The real winner in events like this one are all of the local woodland areas that can ‘breathe’ and prosper without the garlic mustard which prevents the growth of important local, native species.”


SE Wisconsin residents team up

The Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon is an annual event sponsored by the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium (SEWISC). This spring and early summer, 576 dedicated residents formed 11 volunteer teams which helped to raise funds and awareness while spending 1883 hours pulling 24,010  pounds (over 12 tons!) of garlic mustard and dame’s rocket in 801 acres of our natural areas.


Volunteers recruited friends, family and colleagues to sponsor their pulling efforts. $4,000.00 in pledged contributions was raised by team members and shared between SEWISC and the 11 teams.  These funds will be used for youth and adult invasive species education in southeastern Wisconsin.


 “We encourage folks throughout southeastern Wisconsin to protect the woodlands of their neighborhoods by pulling this invasive plant. The pull-a-thon is a competition, a fundraiser, and a way for people to join together and have a positive impact on their environment,” explained Jill Hapner,


Our natural areas can avoid damage from invasive species only with a long-term, sustained commitment to control and management efforts,” Hapner added.


The Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Inc. (SEWISC) is a broad-based coalition that promotes efficient and effective management of invasive species throughout an 8-county region (Sheboygan, Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha). SEWISC provides the opportunity for partners to share limited resources, raise awareness about invasive species problems, and provide a mechanism for collaborative problem-solving on both public and private lands.


Visit www.sewisc.org to learn more about invasive species education and management in southeastern Wisconsin.



The Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Inc. (SEWISC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit membership organization that

promotes efficient and effective management of invasive species throughout an eight-county region in southeastern Wisconsin.