Dog Waste Stations installed at Eagle Village Park

The Village has a section in its code to address animal waste.  It reads:

No owner or caretaker of any animal may appear with the animal on any street, alley sidewalk, lawn field or any public property or upon a property other than their own without a shovel, scoop, bag or other items for the removal of fecal matter. The owner or caretaker of an animal shall immediately after deposit of fecal matter on such premises remove all fecal matter by shovel, scoop, bag or other item and properly wrap and deposit the fecal matter in a waster container situated upon his or her own premises.

Penalties for a violation of this ordinance are as follows:

1st offense: $98.80; 2nd offense: $124.00; 3rd and subsequent offense: $136.60


In an effort to keep our Village Park free of litter and animal waste, these dog waste stations have been installed for use of all Village Park visitors.  Please help keep our Village Park beautiful for all visitors!