Night Parking Regulations

Eagle Village Municipal Code Section 10.10.020 states that there is no parking on village streets between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, from November 1st until April 15th.  Violators of this ordinance are subject to being issued parking citations and possibly having their vehicle(s) towed at the owners expense.

Night parking restrictions are put in effect to allow adequate time and space for the Department of Public Works to plow or salt the streets in the event of a winter storm. If you have any questions about the night parking regulations please call the Police Department at 262-594-2400.

Home Vacation Checks:

The Village of Eagle Police Department will conduct vacation checks of your home while you’re away. Just stop in the Police Department and personally complete the necessary paperwork. Its easy, gives you some peace of mind and best of all its FREE. The form is available for download here: VACATION CHECK FORM

Crime Stoppers: This program provides a reward system to citizens that report information about criminal activities.  If a citizen has information about a crime and would like to provide information anonymously, call CRIMESTOPPERS of Waukesha at (888) 441-5505 or (262) 548-7104.The caller may be eligible for a reward.

Special Needs Alert and Resident Safety Registration:

To better assist our citizens with special needs, the Village of Eagle Police Department is pleased to offer a”Safety Registration Form.”  This form may be completed by or on the behalf of our residents, who have Autism, Dementia, Developmental Disabilities, or other special needs, which would provide valuable information to first responders having contact with them.  This is a voluntary program.  The Eagle Police Department will only distribute the information contained in this form to other first responder personnel / agencies, for the sole purpose of identification and protection of the person identified in this form, in an emergency or crisis situation. Link to form: EPD Safety Registration

Completed forms may be emailed to Chief Bethia at chief@eaglepdwi.com, or dropped off at the Village of Eagle police station, to the attention of Chief Bethia.

Traffic or Municipal Citations:

A citation issued by the Village of Eagle Police Department can be disposed of in one of the following manners. Failure to apply one of these options may result in the suspension of your driving privileges, a warrant being issued for your arrest or both.

1)   APPEAR in court on the court date and enter a plea.

If MUST APPEAR is marked on your citation, you MUST APPEAR. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of a warrant or a driver’s license suspension.

2)    Pay the fine amount on the citation:

a)    Pay the fine with a DEBIT or CREDIT card online at govpaynow.com Enter code 6720 and you will need the information from your citation in order to complete this transaction.

b)    MAIL your payment by check payable to:

Joint Municipal Court System
130 North Harrison Street
North Prairie, WI 53153

c)    Pay the fine IN PERSON

Eagle Police Department
826 East Main Street
Eagle, WI 53119
Monday – Friday 9 AM to 3 PM

(checks ONLY, NO Cash, please)


Joint Municipal Court System
130 North Harrison Street
North Prairie, WI 53153
Wednesdays, 5 PM – 7 PM

Read the back of your citation. You may find additional information that applies to your case and how to dispose of it. If you have any questions regarding the court and its procedures, please call: Clerk of Courts, Wednesdays, 5 pm – 7PM. Phone 262-392-2265 or fax 262-392-2936.

Eagle Police Safety Tips


A couple of very simple, basic precautions will go a long way in helping the police and yourself protect your family and your property:

  • Keep valuables out of sight (PDAs, Laptops, CDs, briefcases, and
    fancy stereos)
  • Lock your car (in your garage if possible, and certainly in your
  • Close and lock your garage
  • Investigate suspicious noises – or call the police – immediately.
    Don’t wait until morning
  • Leave your yard light on all night
  • Report suspicious persons or cars to the police immediately
  • Make sure all the outside lights to your home are in good working order and illuminated at night or use motion detector lights.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Leave interior lights on when you’re gone.
  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times and valuables out of site or removed from vehicle.
  • Get an alarm for your home.
  • Have someone mow your grass, shovel your snow, pick up your mail to give the appearance someone is home.
  • Have someone you trust check on your property while you are gone.
  • Put your bicycles away at night and lock them up if you plan on leaving them unattended for any length of time.
  • Call 911 to report suspicious activity.

These simple guidelines apply to both commercial and residential
properties and will help us in making our community safer for everyone.

Trust this information has assisted you in answering any questions you may have had. Feel free to call us if you have a question we may not have answered.


Ron Bethia
Office Hours
Phone: 262-594-2400
Fax: 262-594-2403