Special Event Permit

On December 10, 2015, the Village Board approved a new noise ordinance, placing decibel limits on zoning districts within the Village.  If a planned event intends to exceed the decibel restrictions indicated in the ordinance, a “Special Event Permit Application” can be submitted to the Village Board for approval.  A copy of the newly enacted ordinance and permit application are attached below.

Please fill out and submit your application to the Village Office, along with your $15 application fee, for submission to the Village Board for approval at the next regular Village Board Meeting.

Any questions on the ordinance or special event permit can be directed to the Eagle Police Department (262)594-2400 or the Village Office (262)594-3400.

Ordinance #218 LOUD AND UNNECESSARY NOISE PROHIBITED approved by VB 121015

Special Event Permit approved by VB 121318